six weeks old

(The rocker pose)!

 Happy six weeks of life Lindie Fern. 
I want you to know how precious you are. 
We would never choose life to be hard for you, but we love you perfectly just as you are.
The past six weeks have been the hardest six weeks of our lives, but you're worth it. Every day with you is a gift.

And I need more pictures of the two of us.
Which means I need to start showering more often. :)

home SWEET home

Evidence we're home and having a great time: 
 saddest sad face ever! :((((
 Easter eggs!
 my girls
Gigi Mommy and Lindie Fern

Eliza's selfie photoshoot:

homecoming! (AKA THE BEST DAY EVER!)

After 35 days in the NICU, we're home! We couldn't be more thrilled! (So we'll bombard you with pictures from our homecoming). 🤣
We are so thankful for the crazy outpouring of love from our family, friends and strangers. And we are so grateful for the incredible staff at The Children's Hospital at St. Francis. We are so glad to be home and pray that we stay home for a good, long time. 
 Lindie's big girl crib in the NICU

 loading up to go home!

 Lindie Fern and Eliza Rose under the ferns

 She is one proud big sister!

 This precious cargo fits right in at home. 
 Just part of our haul from the NICU.
 Lindie Fern: We are so happy you are ours and we are so happy you are home.

going home SOON!

We just got word today that Lindie girl will be heading home tomorrow or Wednesday! We can't wait! Keep praying for our girl, that she keeps getting better & better. Pray also that our transition home would be a smooth one.
 (Picture taken by my 2yo photographer)!

Miss Eliza Rosie is a trooper, going with the flow one day to the next. 

washing dishes

She should be in bed, but at least she's doing the dishes. 😑
Our house is clean (thanks to some sweet friends) and ready to bring home Miss Lindie Fern. We're praying big time it happens this week, but we don't know yet when that'll happen. Prayers for patience in the waiting and that our house stays clean in the meantime. 😉


 I had some of the sweetest moments celebrating my 31st birthday with these two. I am hopeful for my best year yet. Thank you for all the love and kind birthday wishes, friends. 😘

g tube recovery

Little girl Lindie's surgery went great! It was super quick and routine, and we are feeling more hopeful today. Prayers she continues to recover well enough in the next few days that we can start making progress toward transitioning home. 💛🏡
Thank you for all your continuing prayers and encouragements, even when we're struggling to receive them. 😘

Also, this article is like the best. 
I'm looking forward to making my peace.
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