Miss V

 Are you guys as excited about Valentine's Day as she is?
This year for Vday I made The Rose a cute little handmade doll we've been calling Miss Valentine. I couldn't wait until February 14th to share it with her.
Girl loves Miss V.
From her head down to her heart toes.
She approves.

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Happy Wednesday, friends!

grocery shopping with The Rose

It's Friday. PTL.
 Fridays have been some of my favorite days lately. Not only are they relaxed for us (as in we don't run errands or have a huge list of things to do on Fridays) but there is so much anticipation for The Rose and I both knowing that Mr. Christopher will be home soon and we will get him for two days straight. 

Does anyone else get excited about things like that? (Weekends with your man). I hope so!
And for your daily dose of #everydayeliza cuteness, I wanted to share a few pictures of my girl on Monday at our new ALDI. The Rose LOVES her new shopping cart from Nanna and Papa and had such a great time "shopping" on her own at ALDI.
 Taking this shopping cart to the grocery store was a huge risk for me: not my natural tendency. My natural tendency is to be quick and efficient, in and out of the grocery store. But I'm reminding myself to stop and play and take life less seriously and have fun. And serious fun we did have.
And finally, if you haven't entered into my Etsy shop giveaway, you have a few hours left to do that HERE. Giveaway ends at 5pm CST today. 

Happy Friday friends! Have a great weekend. 

simplifying // earrings & other deeper thoughts

 I used to think that simplifying was a giant task. One that required me to give an entire week or month or longer to it's process. One that required me to have my entire house spotless before I could begin and that felt impossible to start because I knew I would never fully finish the purge.
And then this summer happened. We abruptly moved and were forced to simplify and it felt so good (and it didn't take forever!) and I realized that simplifying can be whatever you make it to be. It can be something that is long and tiring and overwhelming and never gets done. Or it can be something else. For me (because I've grown fond of simplifying), I try to make it something that is quick and easy and is good for my soul.
I'll be real with y'all. I struggle with wanting this world and all the things in it, and I have a lot of fears  and guilt surrounding letting them go. I am fearful that even though I haven't used (or worn) this thing in three years the time will someday come when I may need this thing, and then I will feel guilty because if I still had the thing I could then use (or wear) that thing. But what really ends up happening is I let my fears and guilt and worry govern me. I let myself become enslaved in that fear and guilt and worry, rather than letting myself have freedom in those things.

Lately, I have been reminded of this scripture I memorized my freshman year of college:
"For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm, therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery." Galatians 5:1

It might sound silly that we would bring scripture before a struggle to purge things as small as earrings, but, dear sister, none of your struggles are small to the Lord. He cares about it all. He cares about the desperate cries you share with him in your weakest moments, and he cares about the things that you may think are so tedious it doesn't even make sense to bring it to him in prayer. He wants to share the burden with you in all.the.things.
With that in mind and on my heart (and often on my lips), I take on the challenge to regularly simplify. Sometimes it's as big as cleaning out the garage. Sometimes it's as small as simplifying my jar of earrings.

Today it's the latter.
Since we moved (back in August, gasp!) all of my earrings were hanging out in a mason jar. I had way too many and they were all jumbled together so really it meant that I just wore one or two pairs that were always at the top and never really dug through the rest of them.
But I don't want to live like that. 

So, I sat (while The Rose watched Frozen for the one millionth time) and picked out my most favorite earrings. The pairs that I wore regularly and loved and brought me joy. I limited them to be able to fit in a cute jewelry dish.
Embarrassingly enough I had close to 50 pairs of earrings (if not more) and purged about half of them. It took me about 30 minutes tops from start to finish.
And now I have a cute little display on my dresser, too.
 I would love to hear your simplifying process, because I am new to all of this too and would love some thoughts and encouragement. I don't want to make simplifying into anything more than it is, but I do think the good Lord is using it to shape and mold me in so many ways deeper than just getting rid of my junk.

I love you ladies. Thanks for bearing with my heart today!

our weekend in Branson, MO

This week I re-opened my shop (more details about that below). But in the midst of that fun (and a bit craziness!) I don't want to forget the reason I blog: to capture the moments of our family as we adventure and grow and enjoy this crazy life the good Lord has given.
 This past weekend we enjoyed a weekend to ourselves (just the three of us!) in Branson, MO.
It's funny because in all of my 28 years living in the great state of Missouri, I only ever visited Branson once for a quick weekend in college. But here in Tulsa everyone talks about Branson. Regardless, we lucked out with a couple free nights and took advantage of the opportunity to get away.
 We didn't do anything too outrageous. We shopped a bit. Played a bit. Ate a bit and watched a lot of cartoons in our hotel bed.
 The Rose picked out a few new dresses and a hat and I got one new shirt (cheers to a spring wardrobe around the corner)!
 We ate some yummy ice cream and looked at the fish in Bash Pro (because, really, it wouldn't be a trip to southern MO without going to Bass Pro, amiright?).
 It was fun. Thanks to Mr. Christopher for planning it for us! (xoxo)

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Happy Monday, friends!

brush and pen workshop

 On Sunday I went to my first Brush and Pen workshop. I had some Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket, so I decided to put the money toward learning a new skill.
The class taught a few basics of watercoloring (something I already love) and calligraphy (something I always admired but never really knew how to do). The ladies that taught the class (Alex of Prairie Letter Shop and Brittany) were super sweet and shared their beautiful talent in a way that was so fun to explore.
 My goal with attending the class was to learn a new skill with the calligraphy. For now I am focusing on practicing, but in the future I'd love to put some of it to work in my shop.

If you have a chance to attend one of their workshops, I highly recommend it. I know what I will be asking for for my birthday (HINT, HINT Mr. Christopher!). Who's joining me??

aimee bee shop

Good morning, friends! Today I have some exciting news about aimee bee shop!
 It's re-opening soon!
 I opened aimee bee shop last February as a way to foster my creative outlet and passion for making beautiful things. And I had a lot of  fun making beautiful jewelry.
 Then, in July of last year I closed my shop when my Dad became ill and we moved to Oklahoma.
 After a six month break, I am happy to be opening up again the first week of February!
 My goal this time with my shop is to (again) pursue my passion for hand-making beautiful things, but also to allow our family to have more savings in this season while I am at home with The Rose. 
 I am changing some things in aimee bee shop and keeping some things the same. You will still be able to purchase my hand-stamped letter necklaces (below), but I will also be offering a newer design of fabric pendant necklaces (with charms too)! I also will be featuring some other creative things for your little ones, but I'll share more on that later!

Stay tuned for more information, but go ahead and start following @aimeebeeshop for a better look at what my shop will offer as well as special coupons and giveaways!
Have a great Monday, y'all!

getting organized

With the fresh new year upon us (and gaining speed for February!) I thought I would share a few helpful tools that help me to stay organized throughout the year. (And just as a disclaimer, I am about averagely organized. Not unorganized but not super organized, if you know what I mean. I definitely have a Type A personality, but the pendulum swings often and in that category).

A Journal: I love, love, love having a journal. I'm a writer (hence my nine year old blog). I use my journal to pray, to write down scripture, to record quotes from books I want to remember, to make lists that are important, to take notes during sermons, even to write down dreams that I have about my Dad. I use it for all. I recognize that journaling is not for all, but for people like me its perfect.

A Meal Calendar: I actually started using this in September when we moved. For years I just flew by the seat of my pants with cooking. Mr. Christopher and I would run to the grocery store without a list and buy all the regular things and make the same meals each week. This was especially common last year when The Rose was a newbie and we were both working full time. I just didn't prioritize meal planning.

Since we've moved I've taken on the meal planning like a champ. (Not that I have to, but I love to). I have had so much fun experimenting with new meals, and I get a lot of satisfaction out of making something that Mr. Christopher and The Rose love. Since then, I started using this calendar for meals. When I'm working on the week ahead I write down the meal I am making along with all of the food items I will need from the grocery store. Then, when I'm done filling out the week I jot down all those things (plus all of the other regular things-like milk) on a list and my grocery list is ready.

A Birthday Calendar: One of my dear friends introduced me to a birthday calendar. I had no idea they existed beforehand but they are pure genius. It's a calendar that's not dependent on the year, so you can use it year after year to remember all those family birthdays that you otherwise would forget (yes, that's me)!

[P.S. I realized I shared a lot of 1canoe2 goods (and that's because they're super awesome!) and if you sign up on their website they usually will have a couple 50% off sales a year. I always wait until those come around and stock up on things I love.]

I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to hear some of your favorite organizational tools that you use throughout the year, so please share. Printables, apps, calendars- you name it. Share and I might even re-share some of your ideas in a future blog post!

Happy Friday, y'all!
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