happy spring, friends!

Happy First Day of Spring!

Spring is hope for me.
It is a reminder that sunny days are ahead. Days full of flowers and dirt and the smell of fresh herbs in my backyard. It is the sound of the birds chirping and my heart spending a little less time being grumpy pants and a little more time being thankful for the beauty of God's creation.

Enjoy this free printable HERE I made as a gift a few years ago for some sweet sistahs!

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four tips to finishing a baby book

I am the worst at keeping up with photo albums. I have a bajillion photographs on my computer and external hard drives (yes, hard drives! That's how many photographs I have!). My photos date back to junior year of college when I got my first digital camera all the way up to today. 

But even though I have all these memorable photographs, I don't do much with them! I think it's a combination of lack of time, lack of organization and cheapness that keep me from actually making the photo books I want. I also get overwhelmed when I start to think about it, because I think about all the photographs I've missed out on making (so why start now!) and so on and so on.

So when The Rose was born, I knew I wanted to actually follow through with keeping up a photo book of her first year (and hopefully beyond, when I get there!). And I am happy to say that nine months in, I'm actually doing it!

So today I'd like to share four tips for you Mamas (or someday Mamas) out there who are like me, who want to make a photo book for their babes but feel like they have too little time, or too little energy or too little motivation to get it done but really, really, really want to get it done!

First, pick a book that's your style. Whether it's a photo book you're making online or a fill in, tape in photo book like the one I chose, pick one that you love. You're going to be looking at it for a whole year (or more, depending on the book). So make sure it's something you like!

I went to Barnes and Noble and looked at a couple options, I asked a few friends and then finally I ordered mine online here.

Second, don't overthink it. I am a perfectionist. I am learning more and more everyday to let go of that perfectionism because everything does not have to be perfect. At first, when it came to The Rose's baby book I would get overwhelmed with the thought of "not writing the perfect thing" or "not choosing the perfect photo" or "not taking the perfect photo" that I almost didn't even start.

And then I realized that The Rose is going to be way more excited about me having a photo book of her finished than having the most perfect photo! (Heck, 20 years from now our photos are going to be outdated anyway!)

So practically what this means for me is I take her monthly photos whenever I can (not usually on the actual day) in whatever outfit and with whatever background. And then to make it even easier, I print the Instagram photos I tag of her as my photos to put in the photo book. (You can choose the Instagram option at most photo printing stores, including Walgreens where I get mine).

It's a cinch!

Third take it slow. Mr. Christopher and I started working on The Rose's baby book a few months after she is born. We keep it in our living room so it is easily accessible, (we keep the same pen with the book too!) and we work on it every couple months when we have a slow weekend.

This helps us to remember the small details with each month without getting caught up in having to have it done each and every month.

And lastly, share the load. I love working on this alongside Mr. Christopher. He takes his turn writing in answers with me. We ask each other the questions and answer them together, usually while The Rose is giggling or screaming or playing next to us on the floor.

And that's it!

Overall, I think it'll be pretty worth it to have it finished in May. I already get teary eyed when I go back to the first few months of her life and am reminded of something she used to do then but doesn't do now. (They change so fast!)

But please tell me, what is your favorite baby book or family photo album? Do you have any tips you'd love to share? Please do below. I'd love to read them!


This girl loves to play.
Currently her favorite toys are this book and this book, a mirror and some spoons.
She also is pulling up on everything, including this helpful walker.

But if she could pick ANYTHING to play with, it would definitely be Mama's glasses or Mama's phone or Mama's face or really anything that has to do with Mama.

I'm pretty much really okay with that.
And I'll probably have to re-read this post 15 years from now when I am crying over her choosing to hang out with friends over cuddle with me. I've got time folks.
Thank the good Lawd.


This year for Lent I am participating in the She Reads Truth bible study.
It has been good for my bitter, wounded heart.
It has reminded me of my sin, encouraged me to turn to the Lord and has given me hope for a season that feels overwhelming. 

I loved this truth today:  The enemy has nothing of worth to offer a soul filled with the truth of God’s Word.

Read it again: The enemy has nothing of worth to offer a soul filled with the truth of God’s Word.

Yes, Jesus. May I fill my soul with your truth, so much so that it overflows out of me, spills onto everyone I am around and leaves no room for the tempter.

Thank you, Jesus. Amen!


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scrapbook paper flags

 Last weekend during craft sabbath I made some scrapbook paper flags,
inspired by these Happy Flags.

 They were super easy to make. The supplies include: scrapbook paper, hot glue and skewers.
(Coffee is also probably pretty necessary, too).

Then, of course, something to put them in.
(I tried to put them in a few of Mr. Christopher's things but he said no).

I originally used them to decorate during Valentine's week, but I think they're super darling, so I plan on keeping them around.

Stick them in your plants, add them to a mason jar, throw them in some coffee beans in your kitchen. Whatever floats your boat.

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