Tulsa Rose Garden

On Sunday we took The Rose to the Tulsa Rose Garden.
We went last year when we first moved here, but it was August and all the roses had been pruned. BUM.MER.
We made up for it this weekend though.
 She couldn't help but smell the roses.
I hope she always does.
 I just love this little girl with all my heart!

the Rose is TWO

On Saturday we celebrated The Rose's SECOND birthday.
I love any reason to throw a good party, so of course I was party preppin' all the way back in JANUARY.
Her party was filled with bright colors, floral patterns, family and friends.

Thank you so much for everyone who came. You blessed our socks off with your presence!
I can't believe this girl is TWO.

And for fun...
The Rose's FIRST birthday party
2015 family photos
The Philbrook with fam
Just the cutest pic ever (go to the bottom)
Settling in our Tulsa home
Exploring in the backyard

spring cleanin'

Something I am realizing: Sometimes some of the most memorable moments are just the mundane moments. Like this moment from last weekend. Washing the car needs to be a new weekend ritual. But who am I kidding? We're not that clean. Maybe a monthly ritual? We'll see.


Lately, we've been doing lots of park hanging. (Because Tulsa has a lot of great ones including this one: Florence Park)!
Miss Rosie has been perfecting her slide game.
 She's gets pretty proud of herself.
 And I am too! 

Happy Tuesday, friends!

moments of MARCH

the time when she ate mango for the first time
the time when the little monkey fell off the bed
 the time when we saw SNOW in Missouri!
the time when Great Grandma & Grandpa Renfroe came to visit
 the (Face)Time with Buster
the time when the Bakers came to Tulsa
 the time when she asked me to take her picture
the time with our buds at the True False Film Festival
the time at Panera
 the time at Foolish Things Coffee with Rachel and Carson
 the time when we posed with our cookies
 the time we went to The Philbrook with Nana
the time in the backyard sun
 the time at the St. Louis Science Center
 the time we celebrated with Great Grandma Mama
 the time she got ready to go to the store
 the time with the leaves
 the time we dyed eggs
 the time at the zoo with Carson and Lincoln
and finally
the time at Utica Square

Bascially, I am one blessed wife & Mama because these moments are presh.
Here comes April!
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