moments of MARCH

the time when she ate mango for the first time
the time when the little monkey fell off the bed
 the time when we saw SNOW in Missouri!
the time when Great Grandma & Grandpa Renfroe came to visit
 the (Face)Time with Buster
the time when the Bakers came to Tulsa
 the time when she asked me to take her picture
the time with our buds at the True False Film Festival
the time at Panera
 the time at Foolish Things Coffee with Rachel and Carson
 the time when we posed with our cookies
 the time we went to The Philbrook with Nana
the time in the backyard sun
 the time at the St. Louis Science Center
 the time we celebrated with Great Grandma Mama
 the time she got ready to go to the store
 the time with the leaves
 the time we dyed eggs
 the time at the zoo with Carson and Lincoln
and finally
the time at Utica Square

Bascially, I am one blessed wife & Mama because these moments are presh.
Here comes April!

decorating for EASTER

 Normally I don't post on a Saturday, but a few weeks ago we decorated the house together for Easter and I forgot to share until now.

We don't have a ton of Easter decorations (not like Christmas #amirite?) and what we do have is mostly handmade, but The Rose loved putting decorations out. The morning after we decorated she went around pointing to everything.
 A tradition I've started on holidays is putting together a holiday reading basket. This year for Easter we picked out five Easter and/or Spring themed books at the library. Then we hunted around the house for The Rose's Bibles and any books relating to bunnies. I put them all together in my Nana's basket with a few bunnies for fun. The Rose goes to the reading basket almost daily. I love encouraging her to read in this way.

And that's our home for Easter! Happy Easter friends!

everything is GREEN

I have been a bit lazy the last week or two with sharing all the cuteness that is happening over here in this crazy life of mine.
 It's been raining A LOT in the beautiful city of Tulsa, so we've been getting a 'lil bit muddy.
We almost ate a grub this week. That was a scary moment.
 But she wasn't scared. Not one bit. To her it just looked like a fruit snack or something.
Everything is so GREEN right now.
 We haven't mowed our yard since we moved in on September 26th, 2015. It's been a while, but surprisingly it hasn't been needed.
 Until this week, that is.
 But man, these Tulsa weeds can grow some pretty cute flowers.
 Just like Mr. Christopher and I grow a pretty cute kid.
 My adventurer.
My discoverer.
 My goofball.
 My sweet baby girl.
(With mud on her shirt, of course).
[Love you forever, Eliza Rose].

And happy Monday to you, friends! 

aimee bee shop // handmade dolls

Hey friends!
Today is such an exciting day!
After a few months of dreaming about it, I finally listed my first round of handmade dolls in my shop!
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