three weeks in the NICU

 Today marks three weeks since we arrived in the NICU. Here's an update on our girl:
Little Lindie Fern reached her goal today on the volume of milk she's taking in at each feeding (45 mL). Unfortunately, she continues to have a difficult time taking it via the bottle due to various reasons. Over the weekend they put in a feeding tube to help with this. Anything she doesn't take via the bottle in 30 minutes, she takes through the feeding tube. Although she's at her goal, we can't head home until she's taking all of her feedings via bottle. Her doctors have said that some babies flip a switch and start successfully bottle feeding over night, while others can take a month.
We so badly want her to be healthy enough to go home SOON. We know it's a big ask to ask the Lord for this, but we're asking for it.
Please pray for that and for continued endurance for all of us. 💛
*In other news, she's already being super compliant with the headband wearing, because priorities people.* 😜

today's prayer request

Friends, we have a specific prayer request. Lindie is struggling to eat even with a bottle. It is difficult to keep her awake and (when she is awake) to suck well. We need to continue increasing the volume of milk she's taking in so that she's getting enough milk, but it gets more and more difficult each time. Her struggles with eating could be related to her heart defects (being more tired) and her low muscle tone (poor sucking), not to mention just being a sleepy baby. ☺️ Please say some prayers today that she starts to get a better handle on it.
(Any of my mama friends who have gone through this before, helpful tips would be great)!

Trust in You

The day that Lindie was born I was in so much shock that I honestly can't remember much. I do remember being incredibly sad and incredibly overwhelmed and (unfortunately) ashamed. I questioned the Lord's intentions with it all. I can remember that day asking Chris to pray that it wouldn't be true- that she wouldn't actually have Down syndrome and that the doctors would be wrong. I remember Chris's hesitance in my prayer request, but he prayed for Lindie and for me and him and our family and our future right there next to me in the hospital bed with all the tears.
Throughout the day I remember hearing bits and pieces of this song playing in my head. And now I know why. It's like Lauren Daigle put the words of my heart and cries to the Lord in a song written just for me.
After the initial shock of it all, I fell in love with my little girl. Although we would never choose this path for her or us, we trust that the Lord has plans in it all. And even though he didn't change her diagnosis as I initially prayed, he has changed my heart and blessed me with a husband who's heart didn't need to be changed from the beginning.
Now we just need to get this girl home. 💗🌿😍
Lindie continues to do well in the NICU. She's gone from only 5 mL of breastmilk Monday to 20 mL today. The goal is around 45 mL. So, slowly but surely. She's gaining weight. Her cheeks are filling up, and she's making the sweetest little baby coos you could ask for. We just love her. 💗

World Down Syndrome Day

Part of me is hesitant to celebrate today (World Down Syndrome Day) because it feels too soon as we are still very much in the midst of processing and grieving the life we thought we'd have with our two girls. At the same time, I want to honor and support the perfect and beautiful little girl that God hand picked for us, our little Lindie Fern. So today we're celebrating by wearing our crazy socks while still helping her to heal and get home. Next year we'll throw a party. 💗🌿🎉

Lindie Fern made great progress over the weekend. Not only did she get the tube to her stomach removed, she also got the all clear to start eating breastmilk today! Please pray that her body transitions well back to breastmilk. Once that happens, we would really love for Lindie to eventually be able to nurse, rather than just bottle feed. From what we've heard and read it's more difficult for babies with Down syndrome to nurse, but we have full confidence that the Lord can make it happen if He desires. So, please, please pray for that too!
Thank you for all your continued love and prayers! 💛💛💛

Little Lindie Fern is getting better and better! The output from her stomach is continuing to decrease in volume, so we are hoping the doctors will give the okay to clamp it tomorrow or Saturday. This means that the tube running to her stomach could be removed as early as Saturday or Sunday. Pray for that, please! Once that's out we're closer and closer to reintroducing breastmilk. In the meantime we're snuggling as much as we can! 😘🌿

our two girls

Our two girls. 💗💗
We're continuing to wait for Lindie's body to heal from surgery. There are a few things the docs are looking for in knowing that's happened. Pray for that.
Eliza Rosie is a trooper, taking her new norm of hospital hanging in stride. Pray for her continued flexibility and (let's be honest) that the Disney princesses come back this week. (Princess Ariel met her in the elevator last week and OMG 😍).
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