the swift abode

Our first home was in Columbia, Missouri just north of The District area. 
We bought it in late November 2012. It was charming but worn and in need of some love.

We did many cosmetic renovations to our first Swift Abode while we were there.
We remodeled our downstairs bathroom.

See more about the bathroom here.

We renovated one of our guest rooms into The Rose's nursery.

See more about her nursery here.

We redecorated our other guest bedroom.

See more about our Marvel themed guest bedroom here.

We painted our stairs on a snow day and got on Rachael Ray!

See more about our ombre stairs here.

We built shelves for Rubber Maid storage in our basement.

See more about our storage shelves here.

We did lots of little projects here and there and in between. Feel free to check out more of them here.

Recently, we moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma and are living in a rental. 

Although we can't fix it up like we're used to in our old home, we plan to make it a homey Swift Abode as long as we are here.

Check out our home tour so far HERE!

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