craft sabbaths

I love to craft.
It's one of my passions.
When I have time to craft I feel refreshed, calm and alive. 
Crafting gives me a chance to think outside the box in a way that is relaxing and peaceful. 

And over the years I've discovered that it's one of the best ways for me to rest.
But I wasn't always good at that.

A few years ago I was running way too hard. I worked and worked my butt off and never took time to take a break. I always felt lazy when I took breaks. 

But, after a season of being overworked and worn out, I was convicted in my running and running. The Lord challenged me to slow down and take a break, to honor the sabbath.

Around that time I started up craft sabbaths. These were (mostly) weekly times where I invited women into my home to honor the sabbath together and relax through crafting. 
And though it has changed over the years, craft sabbath continues. 

Sometimes we paint. Sometimes we draw. Sometimes we sew or embroidery or make garlands. Whatever it is, the goal is that we would rest in community as women.

Follow our monthly craft sabbath times here.

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