Lindie Fern turns TWO!

A few weekends ago we celebrated little Lindie Fern's second birthday with a small family party.
I still cannot believe she is TWO.
In some ways, we feel like she should be 10 because we feel like we've aged 10 years since she was born! (Seriously, gray hairs)! But in other ways we feel like it's flown by and (like all parents) wonder where the time went.
I've said before that one of my favorite things about Lindie having Down syndrome is that I get my baby longer. Each developmental stage and milestone lingers and most of the time I love that. I mean, who wouldn't want time to slow down so they can enjoy their children longer?

I really do think that's one of the sweet gems of having a child with Down syndrome!
At two Lindie weighs about 17 pounds. She eats mostly pureed foods and has been not using the g-tube for about a month! (She does still have it, but we're hoping they take it out in May). She loves to crawl all over the living room and is beginning to discover crawling down the hallway to other rooms and into the kitchen. She loves music, her big sister, Beat Belle, Fisher Price Pup & Sis toys and chasing the Shark robot around while it vacuums. She does not love loud noises, being the center of attention, being taken away from Mama and getting in her carseat. She says "Dada, Mama (when she's really sad or wants something), Yaya (Eliza), All Done and Yes. She loves bath time, which is usually the only time she is willing to drink water. She keeps Mama busy with at least 4 therapy appointments a week + usually another appointment or two for something else. She is pure joy with a little bit of spice, which is why Big Sister has nicknamed her "Spicy Lindie."

We love you Spicy Lindie!

Eliza (my little family event planner) picked the theme for Lindie's birthday- 
RAINBOW! She had so much fun helping me pick out ideas on Pinterest and putting them into action. Here's some of my favorite shots from her party.
Since Lindie LOVES Beat Belle, we also incorporated her into the decor. Eliza & Chris even drew and colored a life-size Beat Belle for Lindie to keep!
 Eliza hand-painted rainbows on all the party favor bags and painted other rainbows to hang up around the house. I love all her personal flair with each rainbow!
We also made sure all the food was rainbow themed as well.
Which felt a little silly because Lindie doesn't even eat any of these foods, but oh well!
My favorite part was making the Rainbow Cake out of cupcakes. I was really hopeful Lindie would actually eat one this year (she hates sweets) but she threw it on the ground. They were pretty anyway.

 Thank you to all our family who joined us to celebrate Lindie's second birthday! We had so much fun!

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