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Christy is a stay-at-home Mama to Tierney and Kellan, where they and her hubby live in Raleigh, North Carolina. Kel, who has Down syndrome, is 14 months. He LOVES to make music, especially with his drum set. He is easy going, snuggly, empathetic, and charming beyond words. He is also a burgeoning high chair comedian.

Christy's words:

After I received a prenatal Down syndrome diagnosis, I spent six whole months of my pregnancy angry and resentful. I would scroll through photos of friends' kids and feel bitter that their babies didn't have an extra chromosome. I tried to focus on all the typical, happy aspects of having a baby, like washing the tiny clothes and choosing a name. But running in the background was a constant reminder of how sad and hard my life was about to get. I was prepared to be afraid and disappointed when my son was born on July 17, 2017. Instead I fell deeply in love the moment I saw him. In my dreams he had come out and it would be immediately apparent that he did not have Ds and the doctors had just screwed up. The reality was more magical; his eyes were a gorgeous almond shape with an extra fold that was obvious. He had Down syndrome. And I didn't care one bit. He had claimed me, and it didn't matter how many fingers, toes, or chromosomes he had. He was, and is, the joy and love of my life.

How has Kellan brought you JOY?

He brings out the best in other people. I fall more in love with his dad and his big sister because of seeing the parts of them that Kel puts a spotlight on. He is also my cuddler. His sister has been independent since she was in the womb. I adore her strong will and adventurous nature, but Kellan fills in that mama need I have to hold my sleeping baby for hours. He also has the best smile and laugh. His entire face lights up when he smiles, and he laughs with his whole body. No one can stay sad when Kel is happy.

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