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Kimberly is a blogger, speaker and stay-at-home Mama to Eliana, Charlie and Redmond. She lives with her husband and children in the rural Midwest and loves sharing their lives through her blog and Instagram.

"Redmond, who has Down syndrome, will be 19 months old on October 1. He has a great sense of humor. A few days ago, he and I spent the day together in doctor appointments. All day he kept smiling at me and saying, "Mom, mom, mom..." It was so sweet. Then a doctor pointed to me and asked him, "Who's this?" With a twinkle in his eye, he shouted, "Dad!" Then he laughed and laughed. When the doctor left the room, she waved goodbye at him. I've been trying to get him to blow kisses at me for months and he never has. When she left the room, he dramatically kisses his hand and blew it to her! He hasn't done it since."

Kimberly's words:

Redmond's diagnosis was a surprise to us at birth. We'd seen no signs of it prenatally, so when he was born with major health issues and this diagnosis, we were shocked. As older parents, we'd been warned of the possibility. I'd been particularly afraid of it, but felt hopeful that God wouldn't allow that to happen to us. We'd waited to have children until we found one another, much later in life than most, and I felt we deserved a free pass from further challenges. It never occurred to me that my foolish idea also meant that I thought other families deserved medical complications and disabilities. We nearly lost Redmond when he was born, and it was two weeks before we knew for sure that he actually had Down syndrome and that he was going to live. We were so grateful that we get to keep him that Down syndrome became much less of a big deal than it might have been otherwise. God has dealt with my spiritual pride and other secret places in my heart through all of this. I never realized how much I desired to be "normal", how much I associated difficulty and sickness with sin and God's displeasure. God has shown me so much more as I've learned to love my precious son. He has taken me to the very end of myself and I've learned to lean on Him more than I knew was possible. 2 Corinthians 12:9 says, "...My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in weakness." Through Redmond, I've learned the truth of this Scripture. People may see Redmond as weak - and low muscle tone means that his motor skills are delayed, but I've also seen the phenomenon of God's strength moving through him. Miracles heaped upon miracles have bolstered our faith. And when I look at my precious son, I see more of Jesus in him than in most people. He is my great reward.

How has Redmond brought you JOY?

Redmond lights up the room with his smile and laughter. When he works so hard to reach a milestone that comes easy for most, we celebrate enthusiastically. He delights his big brother and sister too. Everyone in our family is absolutely smitten with him and I'm pretty sure he knows it! He has brought more JOY into our home than we ever knew possible.

Thanks for sharing Kimberly!

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