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Hollyce is an work-at-home Mama to Hudson, Tyler & Emily. She loves sharing about her specially blended family and Down syndrome, among other things, over at her blog, Holding Moonbeams, and her Insta. She also teaches stroller based fitness classes for FIT4MOM.

Hudson, who has Down syndrome is 17 months old. He is a big time flirt and little charmer, blowing kisses and waving to everyone. He's a hard worker - always pushing himself; but when he's done, all he wants is a good cuddle. His smile is warm and lights up his whole face. Hudson is curious about the world; he wants to touch, taste, and smell everything. His real sweet spot is a love for people. Hudson also loves music - dancing, swaying, bouncing, playing instruments. His favorite song is "I Like It" by Cardi B!
Hollyce's words:

I knew a girl when I was younger - I had no idea she had Down syndrome - but what I remember about her is that she was JOYFUL. I'd see her at an annual dance I attended with my father and think - I want to be like her - bright, smiling, friendly, warm, and kind. Looking back now with Hudson's diagnosis, God has preparing my heart to be his mom for a long time. But this has also been a learning journey for me; I didn't know much about Down syndrome, I had quite a bit of catching up to do. What does the diagnosis mean for Hudson? Will he go to school with other typical kids? Will he find a life partner to love and cherish? Will he hold a job and live independently? What I've come to learn is that EVERY PARENT has these worries; while certain challenges are more 'likely' with a Ds diagnosis, there is always worry that you are doing "enough" for your child and that they will grow up to be a loving, compassionate, valuable member of society. The most important traits Hudson have taught me in his 17 months on this earth are the following (and they are important whether you have zero children, 20 children, or live in Antartica):

  • Patience - everyone is traveling their own journey and figuring things out at their own patience. Extend some grace to others.
  • Gratitude - each day has its own challenges and blessings. Be thankful for both!
  • Acceptance - who said life has to happen according to your terms? As a Believer, it was never in my control anyway. I have to accept that certain things in life have to unfold according to His plan - not mama Hollyce's :)
  • Mindfulness - be present. Enjoy the moment. You will miss these pieces of life as they pass you. Love on those around you and give freely and openly.
How does Hudson bring you JOY?

"Hudson sees the world differently - and in a much more beautiful way than those of us 'typical' folks who worry about things that are out of our control or are so stuck in the past that we can never move forward. Hudson brings light to every situation by embracing whatever he is doing and taking everything in. It's also through his love of people that I realize how Hudson will INFLUENCE this world. It's not through being President of the USA (not that it's the most coveted job these days) or CEO of a Fortune 500 organization. It won't be through the tasks and responsibilities he completes and it won't be through financial gains or losses. Hudson will impact the world through spreading his heart full of love and compassion - through people. Even thinking about that moves me to tears. Hudson will love so fiercely and deeply that he will bring happiness to people we haven't even met yet! What an unbelievable gift that is for a human being to give to another."

Thank you so much for sharing, Hollyce! So refreshing to be reminded of all those things. <3

To follow Hollyce & Hudson, visit her BLOG or INSTA.

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