Down Syndrome Awareness Month | Joyful Mamas | Guest Blogger: Sarah Szuminski


Sarah is Mama to Hazel, who has Down syndrome. She is an Early Childhood Special Educator turned Early Childhood Special Educator at home Mama! She loves sharing her life with her hubby and Hazel on Instagram and especially loves to share how she does this at home with a fun "therapy meets play" focus. 

"Hazel just turned two and a half. She is determined, feisty, hilarious, and the best thing that ever happened to her Dad and I."

Sarah's words:

"We knew Hazel would be born with Down syndrome before she was born. The second half of my pregnancy was filled with doctor's appointments, anxiety, and lots and lots of tears. Hazel took her sweet time arriving earth side but as soon as she was placed in my arms, I felt the most profound sense of peace. Here was my baby, absolutely perfect and exactly who she is supposed to be. Hazel runs into every room waving, blowing kisses, and asking for high fives. She brings smiles to every long line and quiet elevator just by being her. She inspires me to be more myself and to see the worth in everyone I encounter."

How does Hazel bring you JOY?

"I stay home with Hazel after years of working with young children of all abilities. I was so worried being home with her would be boring. Instead, I find SO much joy in helping her meet milestones and in creating learning activities for her. She loves to paint and draw and play with her baby dolls. Every day she wakes up ready to learn and is so very persistent in all she does."

Sarah, you are rockin' this motherhood thing and are such an inspiration! Thanks for sharing, friend!

To follow Sarah & Hazel, visit them on Instagram HERE.

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