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Emily is a Mama to three, living in Kentucky. Her youngest, Boone T., has Down syndrome. She loves sharing their adventures on Instagram and advocating for Boone in their everyday life.

Little Boone will celebrate 2 in just a few months, November 21 to be exact. In a home filled with his sisters' big personalities and high drama, Boone is the antithesis of drama, a laid back, pretty chill, dude until "Alexa" starts playing Mama and Daddy's late 90s rap... then all bets are off and it's a major dance party.
Emily's words:

"No matter how hard I tried I couldn't catch my breath the moment our doctor looked at us and said those words... Down Syndrome. The room was spinning and my body was shaking and the man I always lean on was crumpled at the side of the bed weeping and I couldn't do it, I couldn't breathe. As I laid there trying to catch my breath, my mind quickly drifted to our daughters, then 7 and 11. Their world was about to drastically change with a new baby and now a new baby with Down Syndrome. Guilt sunk in like an anchor, how could I do this to them? Impact their future and expect them to alter their days, their lives for this little human who would need so much. Ignorance breeds fear, right? My ignorance led to fear which led to me not being able to breathe that day. I was completely unaware of the incredible impact he would make on their lives. Now, I breathe easy, full and deep, knowing that these girls have been changed for the better. Their brother has cultivated an unconditional love and fierce passion for advocacy. I watch as they share him with their friends and fight for him when its needed. Little did we know we would all breathe a little easier with Boone T. in our lives."
How does Boone bring you JOY?

"The milestones. The very thing I thought would break my heart, the slower paced, back country roads versus interstate, timeline we are on has changed us. Ask our friends... my husband and I, we are nothing if not "achievers." Boone helps us to slow down, enjoy the ride and find copious amounts of JOY with each milestone when it comes. Rolling Over= JOY. Sitting= JOY. Straw drinking = JOY. He signed the word "Mountain" on our family vacation in the mountains and we all nearly lost our ever-lovin' minds over it. We have JOY because we are so very, very, proud of him and everything he does. Gosh, we are so glad God chose to let us have him!"

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Thanks for sharing Emily!

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