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Lindie is a happy little 19 month old. She loves being near her family and pulling her sister's hair. She loves music and twirling her paci. She is a hard worker with a laid back personality and enjoys doing all her new tricks while fighting sleep in the crib.

One of the things I love about Lindie, and one of the things that brings me immediate JOY, is how she loves us. Recently, we began a pilot program at the Little Light House. The Little Light House is an early intervention school for children with disabilities. It allows children with disabilities, free of charge, to attend a gospel-centered school four days a week to help them advance cognitively, physically and socially. Lindie has been on the wait list for the Little Light House since she was three days old.

In the meantime, the Little Light House opened a pilot program for kids and their parents on the waiting list. Basically, it's a two hour class every Tuesday and Thursday every other week for the fall semester. During the class, parents are instructed on a variety of different engaging activities with their kids. So far we have stretched through baby yoga, we've read many books together, we've learned how to do educational activities through household items, and most importantly we've gotten a chance to connect with other kids and parents.

The pilot program has been one of the first consistent times for Lindie to be around other kids her age, which has been really interesting and fun to watch. One of the things I've noticed is that being around all the kids and parents and doing all the engaging activities really wears her out. Each class is about two hours long but so far each time by the hour and half mark Lindie "checks out." She gets really tired, turns to me with her arms in the air and snuggles in. She spends the remaining 30 minutes just like that, content and cuddled in my arms.

As much as I'd love for her to participate in the remaining 30 minutes of class, I also get it. It's physically and mentally draining for her, so if it helps her to be in my arms for the last part of it, I'm okay with that.

And to be really honest, I also really love it. It's a great example of how Lindie brings me JOY by letting me love her. She gives me many opportunities throughout the day to love her, whether it's being cuddled during her class or giving me big hugs and kisses each morning or reaching to me when she's scared. And I think it's so incredible.

I know this is nothing new or profound with any of our children to give us Mamas specific opportunities to show their great need for us and allowing us to love them, but I also think it is so profound. It's a beautiful thing to be needed and loved, and I'm so grateful my sweet little Lindie, who I struggled to bond with in the early days and who I felt like I had nothing in common with in the early days, needs me and loves me and in a reflective way I need and love her too.

This is just one of the many ways little Lindie Fern brings me so much JOY.
This October for Down syndrome awareness month, in addition to sharing stories and general information about Down syndrome, I will be sharing stories from other Mamas who have a child with Down syndrome, and one of the things they will be specifically sharing is how their child with Down syndrome has brought them JOY.

So follow along. Our first guest Mama will be sharing tomorrow!

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