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Steph is a Mama to Syler and Arbor, who has Down syndrome. She and the boys, along with her hubby Cody, live in New Albany, Indiana. Arbor is a year and a half (19 months). He loves to observe and has a laugh that could melt anyone's heart.

Steph's words:

"I didn't know that Arbor had Down syndrome until he was born. I freshly remember the emotions that washed over me, mainly the fear. I had so many questions. The Lord gave me a peace over the next few days. I don't remember praying for peace, but I know someone must have been.
I started to quickly see all of the joy that Arbor's life was bringing me and I knew that even more joy would come from his life! His Down syndrome diagnosis has caused me to step up as an advocate. I have learned patience- so much patience! Most of all, Arbor's life is teaching me the value of stopping to enjoy the moment. The baby years go by so quickly- raising my older son is a testament to that- and Arbor is taking longer to reach milestones, so each one he meets along the way is a cause for celebration to the point of tears. So many people cheer with us when Arbor learns to do new things. It is pretty incredible to see how he inspires people, especially me."
How does Arbor bring you JOY?

"I think Arbor is changing the world for the better every day. Life is not about "likes" and "follows" on social media, but I see that a certain number of people follow our journey with Arbor is it humbles me because I know that these people care to see him and are curious. The community around us and our family are so loving and supportive, and that brings my Mama heart so much joy."

Find more about Steph, Arbor & their family over at her blog or on Instagram:
Insta: @thefergseveryday

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