Using Visuals to Organize our Art Closet

We've got art ladies and gentlemen. LOTS of art going on in this Swift Abode. So much so that sometimes it can wreak havoc on said Swift Abode in its overflowing corners and closets of our home.

Ah! That's embarrassing.

Growing up I saved everything with hopes of using it for a future art project. Scraps of paper? Art project. Bits of yarn? Art project. Leftover pieces of fabric? Art project. That yucky aluminum can that held our corn last night and my mom tried to throw away? An art project. Everything was saved for the sake of art. I even remember one time accidentally breaking a bracelet of mine only to grab a Ziploc baggie to save the beads for another future piece of jewelry. Oh, Lordy.

As I've gotten older (and have gotten better at purging) I haven't saved quite as much. That being said, we still have a lot of art and art supplies going on in this home and with all the art that Miss Rosie loves to do it sometimes can get a bit crazy up in here.

With that in mind, I've been wanting to give our art closet a makeover. My goal originally was just to get it organized. Then last weekend Chris and I attended the Annual National Down Syndrome Congress Convention in Dallas, Texas. We learned so much information while we were there. Like so much that our minds were kind of exploding a bit when we left. (Seriously, between the two of us we went to ten separate workshops ranging in topics from speech and physical therapy to new, advanced research in the field). 

But one of the key things that stood out to me was about how VISUAL individuals with Down syndrome are. I remember reading about it in the early days of Lindie's life while I sat beside her clear incubator in the NICU.  From what we've heard and read it seems that providing a visual example with most things can help with learning.

This week, with the closet on my mind and wanting to incorporate more visuals in our home for Lindie, and honestly knowing that visuals would only help Miss Rosie too, I organized our art closet with pictures alongside their labels.
This project was super simple. I used nine square boxes we had lying around (although totes would work great too) and images I found online. I just printed and taped them on each box.

My hope is that it would provide an easier way to keep things organized AND that Lindie would be able to find things too when it's time for for her to start making her own art projects. (Because if I'm going to expect her future schools to adapt and modify things there, then I need to start adapting and modifying at home, right)? 
I'm also anxious to see how the visuals help Eliza in learning the words on the labels.

What are you doing, would like to do or have done to adapt your home for your little one? I'd love to hear your ideas!


And don't you just love these sweet sisters. They're the best.

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