Educational Apps for Summer Traveling

our family at Pikes Peak earlier this month

Before we left for vacation last month we downloaded a few apps on our iPad for Eliza. Two of the apps we downloaded were the Kidlo English App and the Kidlo Math Games. We love having educational games on our iPad or phones when the need arrives and, although Eliza doesn't enjoy playing games as much as she used to on the iPad, I personally love having something available as backup.
 The Kidlo English App divides up the content into PreK, K, and Grade 1, which I appreciate since she is younger. It has bright colors and fun songs. Eliza thinks some of the videos are hilarious, and although it didn't keep her attention for too long (again, lately she's been uninterested in the iPad), it was a great resource to have around. The Kidlo English App has everything from basic letters (uppercase and lowercase), to learning phonics, learning to write and spell, identifying common words and colors and shapes. It has an option to download certain letters, categories or everything (if you have enough space!), which is a great option if you don't have constant access to internet. (Like when you're driving in the car 12 hours on a road trip)!
The Kidlo Math Games divides the content into PreK and K and has many of the same features: bright colors, playful songs and an easy downloading option. It has everything from basic numbers, geometry, sorting and organizing, counting, comparison and patterns.

If you are in need of an educational app this summer for your traveling, or really for any reason at all, Eliza and I recommend the Kidlo English App and the Kidlo Math Games!

(The above links are for the Apple app links. If you're looking for the Android links check out the Android Kidlo English App and the Android Kidlo Math Games)!

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