WHOLE30 update

Today is officially day 9 of my first go at the WHOLE30. I decided to try out the WHOLE30 as an attempt to eat healthier. And surprisingly it has felt easier than I thought it would be, albeit it is only day 9 of 30.

So far the hardest part has been guarding myself so I don't accidentally snack on something that is non-compliant while making Miss Rosie's meals. (Today I *literally* licked my finger-o-jam after making her a PB&J and immediately spit it out in the sink. I think she was very confused).

That's not to say that it hasn't been a cake-walk. I miss my chocolate and ice cream and chips and salsa. I even miss the occasional cream in my coffee, or at least having the option. But overall, it hasn't been that bad.

And already 9 days in theres a few things I've begun to notice:

  • No headaches. For a long time I've woken up to headaches in the morning. Not every morning, but more mornings than not. I've always attributed it to a lack of water, so I usually start the day by drinking a glass of water. Yet, since beginning the WHOLE30 I haven't woken up with a headache once. That's awesome!
  • WAAAAY more energy! Like for reals. Remember when I used to have a blog and I was really crafty and blogged like a million times a week? That was because I had a lot of ENERGY. That was pre-children, obviously. Since beginning the WHOLE30 I have had much more energy. I am not super tired at night when I go to bed, and I wake up pretty lively in the morning earlier than I had been waking up. Score!
  • Those crazy cravings. I also have realized a little more about my cravings. My cravings for something sweet peaks in the afternoon (around the girls' rest times) and after dinner. And now that I know this I have realized that on most days pre-WHOLE30 I allowed myself to eat sweets at least twice a day, during those craving times. Something to change going forward.

I've also learned a few things (and bought a few things). I learned how to make Spaghetti Squash and Shepherd's Pie. I've perfected the "perfect seared chicken breast" and I've already finished one bottle of extra-virgin olive oil. I had to buy a zester (how did I get by on 8.5 years of marriage without a zester?) and a second potato peeler (where, oh where, did the first one go?). And I finally tried coconut milk! (It's just okay).

It's been a good experience so far. I love that I am doing something that requires discipline in the area of eating. I love that I'm learning more about food in general. And I'm eager to see how my body will feel in 12 days. I'm especially eager to see how my body will react when reintroducing foods. 

So, wish me luck! I can't wait to update when I finish. If you interested in learning more about the WHOLE30 you can find the book HERE or in your public library!

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