eating update

Eating has always been a challenge for this girl. Since about a month into her life Lindie has received the bulk of her nutrition via a g-tube. It’s so easy for me as her Mama to get down, to compare her story to others, to wonder what I am doing so wrong that she won’t just *eat.* .

And then I have to remember that it’s not really about me and that Lindie Fern is her own woman (well, baby girl actually 😉). I will faithfully challenge her do more (therapy, different feeding tactics, new flavors, encouragement, etc) but at the end of the day I must remember that Lindie will do what Lindie will do when Lindie wants to do it. Plain and simple. 

Over the weekend she decided show me exactly this when she downed a whole jar of baby food in one setting. (This is a BIG deal for Lindie girl). And not only that- she was actually engaged, opening her mouth, putting her tongue down and excited to eat. (This has taken months to get here)! Praise. The. Lord!

My prayer for her is that she gets better and better with eating solids so that we can transition away from the g-tube and to eating “normal” foods. Here’s to hoping I have enough breastmilk to last in the meantime!

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