FREE lifetime National Park All Access Pass to individuals with a disability

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. One of my goals in this precious life is to make a hell of a lemonade! 🍋 

One of the perks of having a child with a disability is a FREE lifetime Access Pass to all of the National Parks and Federal Recreation Lands. Because of this, we have decided to “make lemonade” and begin our adventure of visiting as many National Parks as we can as a family with #littlelindiefernas our guide .

With that in mind, we need your suggestions! We want to travel to our first National Park as a family this spring, probably April. We want something that’s drive-able, warm (enough) and family (especially baby) friendly. Give us your best suggestions! .

P.S. if you have a child with a disability and are interested in getting your own all access pass for them (ahem, for your family 😉), you can easily get yours at We applied for ours less than two weeks ago and got it in the mail today!

To claim your All Access Pass go HERE.

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