2017 was a helluva year. But I think someday I may look back and see it as the best year of my life. The most changed year of my life. Lindie’s little life brought us to our knees this year more than ever before. It exposed our brokenness more than ever before. It allowed us to be served by others more than ever before, and it reminded us how much we need Jesus (as much as we always have, but) more than ever before. No matter how many children we are gifted- we will love them fully and unconditionally. And yet there is something about Lindie Fern that has left us changed people. My hope is that at the end of our days we will look back and see that through it all our family was changed into more Christ-centered people with a heart for inclusiveness that leaves it’s mark .
Cheers to the new year. To letting go of control. To seeking joy in the everyday and to trusting the Lord to use us to advance his gospel in whatever way He chooses .
Yay 2018! So thankful for my partner in crime in all of this: @chrisisswift 😘😘😘 

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