10 months old

Extraordinary. Extra-perfect. 💗.

Yesterday #littlelindiefern was officially #10monthsold. How. in. the. world. is she already 10 months old?! Crazy .

At 10 months Lindie Fern is over 14 pounds (round it up to 15 if you count the blessed helmet). She belly laughs & smiles a ton. She loves to sit upright while assisted & grab our faces. She does great with rolling over & is decent with tummy time. (I think she will be a pro at tummy time in a few weeks when the helmet comes off). .

At 10 months she’s back to napping three times a day (as opposed to her two naps a day last month) & sleeps happily through the night. She’s about to outgrow her rock-n-play & will move into the crib soon .

There are so many things about Lindie that I love & want to remember in this phase. I love her obsession with her maraca. (Like seriously loves it, wants it all. the. time). I love the way she pulls my hand close to her chest when she wants to snuggle & how she plays with my hair. I also love her reaction when Dada gets home from work (body spasms & big smiles) & how she rests her head on his shoulder for a hug .

I absolutely love Lindie Fern & am truly thankful for her everyday. She is extraordinary & has so much in store for her beautiful life. I’m so lucky I get to be a part of it. 

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