DOWN SYNDROME AWARENESS MONTH // more alike than different

Since yesterday I ended the month posting about Halloween, I thought I would wrap up Down syndrome awareness month with one more post on the first of November. And it's kind of fitting really because Down syndrome awareness doesn't really stop on the 31st of October, especially now in our home. We plan to make it a life-long endeavor.

The day Lindie was born God rocked our world. Since then, he has taught us to trust him, to let go of control and to savor each day as it unfolds. In some ways, Lindie is different than you in me in that she has a little bit more DNA in each of those cells and that she may require more doctors appointments and therapy visits.

But it most ways she is really just alike you and me. She is just as much a person as the rest of us. She giggles sweetly, smiles brightly and loves fully. I am excited to see her grow more into her personality. I can't wait to know her favorite color, her first word and the things that make her heart burst.

Really we're #morealikethandifferent.


Even though I don't plan to blog daily going forward, I do plan on blogging regularly- still sharing our family moments and important thoughts in our journey. I hope you still join us as I do!

Happy November 1st! We're starting the Christmas tunes in this hiz-ouse!

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Kerry Schultz said...

I really love and appreciate the way you take everything soo positively and teach us the same thing. Your blog post is really inspiring keep up with your writings the positivity in you

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