Lindie Fern at seven months...


  • Staring at faces
  • Smiling
  • When anyone sings to her
  • Putting her hands in our mouth while we sing to her
  • Sucking her thumb
  • Grabbing Mama and Dada's faces
  • Being worn in Mama's Maya wrap
  • Sitting upright
  • Her toys- especially her baby maracas, Lamaze whale, red fox and basically anything that makes noise
  • Sleeping
  • Scratching her nails on the side of her rock-n-play
  • Being swaddled
  • Her playyard
  • Cuddling with big sister
  • Ceiling fans
  • When someone rubs her head
  • Eating
  • When Honey barks at the mailman
  • Missing naps
  • When big sister cries
At seven months little Lindie is 12.5 pounds. She still struggles with eating (taking bottles or breastfeeding), but she has had avocado and banana. She takes two long naps and two short naps a day and sleeps through the night. She never sleeps in her carseat but she usually won't fuss about being in it. She is indifferent about her helmet. She still sleeps in her rock-n-play but is close to outgrowing it. 

She continues to increase our joy. We love her so much!

And a few of the outtakes...

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