Today for Down syndrome awareness month I wanted to share about an amazing organization that gives me all kinds of hope for Lindie's future.

Ruby's Rainbow is a non-profit organization that aims to provide scholarships for adults with Down syndrome in pursuit of higher education.

I remember the day Lindie was born, I struggled with thinking of all the worst case scenarios. I assumed that having a child with Down syndrome meant that I would never get to see her grow and develop intellectually, that I would never get to see her graduate from high school and attend college and get a job and live on her own. But the longer I am in the Down syndrome community, the more I am learning that there are so many possibilities for my child and that it is so, so important to not limit Lindie in any way. Maybe she'll go to college. Maybe she won't. I'm going to love and support her regardless, but I love that this organization is inspiring and helping adults with Down syndrome pursue their dream of higher education.

Check them out!

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