Happy October 1st!

The first day of Down Syndrome Awareness Month! I am so excited to be a voice this year, a first-time and still-learning advocate for my sweet almost 7 month old, Lindie Fern.

I thought I would start today by explaining what Down syndrome is and introducing our family.

So first of all, what exactly is Down syndrome?

Most individuals have 23 pairs of chromosomes. Down syndrome is when an individual has an extra copy of the 21st chromosome. There are three different types of Down syndrome: Trisomy 21 (non-disjunction), Mosaicism and Translocation. Lindie has Trisomy 21; the most common type of Down syndrome.

One thing we have been learning is that individuals with Down syndrome, like everyone else, have so much potential. The degree of abilities varies greatly and there is a lot of encouragement for early intervention to help with development. (This is why we are SO excited Lindie will be attending The Little Light House when she gets a little older! But more on LLH in another post). We are very hopeful for Lindie, that she has so much potential to have a full, successful and adventurous life. We can't wait to see how the Lord uses her!

For great info on Down syndrome check out the National Down Syndrome Society's website!
Our Lindie Fern has Down syndrome. But Down syndrome does not define her. 

Lindie is almost seven months old. At almost seven months, Lindie loves to smile and laugh. She does this mostly when her big sister is in the room. She loves to put her hands in our mouths, especially when we are talking or singing. And speaking of singing- she LOVES when we sing to her. It calms her in any situation.

She loves toys, especially her maraca rattles, and ceiling fans. She doesn't really love her swing, but she'll endure it. She's the chillest baby you'll ever meet and melts in your arms when she falls asleep. She hardly ever sleeps in her carseat but will always fall asleep when she's being worn. She's never worn a pair of shoes and giggles when her Dada kisses her neck. She's a tough cookie and only really cries when Mama passes her off or she gets a shot (and even then it's only for a hot second).

She's such a sweet little babe and (besides all the medical stuff) is the easiest baby around town. I am so eager to watch her personality come more to life as she grows more and more.

Feel free to read Lindie Fern's birth story HERE.

We love you so much Lindie Fern!
 Eliza Rose is my spunk child. She is sweet, kind and compassionate. She is VERY outgoing and is always eager to meet new friends. She loves to learn and thrives from being around others. She is loving and silly and like most children has some sass. 

She LOVES being a big sister. She has taught me so much about unconditional love and inclusion. The longer I get to know Eliza and Lindie, the more I am convinced God intentionally made them to love each other.

Feel free to read Eliza Rose's birth story HERE.

We love you so much Eliza Rosie!
And last but not least, here we are. Mr. Christopher and Aimee Swift. We're college friends turned best friends for lyfe and have been married for 8.5 years! We are broken people that strive to love each other the way God loves us. We mess up, like daily, but hopefully will have it all figured out by the time we're 100.

Thank you for stopping in for this first day of Down syndrome awareness month! See you tomorrow!


PS: All photos credited to the amazing Cassy Pack Photography, our lovely friend and family photographer. If you are in the Tulsa area and need photos, definitely check her out!


Amber Clark said...

A really beautiful family and story! Thank you for sharing both 💓

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Thanks Amber!

Michelle said...

Your girls are beautiful. Thanks for participating in 31 for 21!

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Thanks Michelle!

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