(this is tired Lindie Fern)

I have had a number of people ask me why Lindie has a helmet, so I thought today I would answer that question---

I had a feeling Lindie girl would need a helmet pretty early on. I remember asking the nurses about her head in her first week of life, knowing she would be laying on her back due to being in her NICU bed.

Then after coming home from the hospital she had (and still has) such a hard time with tummy time and rolling over, she would usually end up on her back in her play yard. Those things, combined with countless hours g-tubing on her back and even more hours sleeping, led to some definite flatness of the 'ole head.

At her four month appointment I asked the pediatrician if she thought she needed a helmet. And at six months we got the referral to be evaluated for it. After the evaluation we were basically told that Lindie has a square head shape and that it was just on the beginning of the moderate helmet-needing-spectrum (I'm sure there's a technical name for that!)- which means a helmet is recommended. Thankfully for Lindie the need for the helmet is cosmetic, but we thought it would be worth it. And insurance is amazing and paid for it, so bonus!

She has had it now for over a month. She could have it for another 6 months. I'm hoping it's gone by Christmas. (Fingers crossed)! She wears it 23 hours a day. We take it off once a day to clean while she gets a bath or (as Chris likes to all it) a salon treatment (washing her head at the sink). I can do everything I normally do with her in the helmet, things just get trickier- like changing a onesie. I even wear her in my Maya wrap with the helmet. Not a problem at all!

I told Chris that when all is said and done I want to frame it in a little glass box and put in on a shelf above her bed. (#Helmetgoals)

So that's why Lindie has a helmet. Although, I like to think it's protection for when she rides her motorcycle...


Adelaide Dupont said...

Dave Hingsburger is looking for a glove museum.

Would you and Fern be looking for a helmet museum?

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