Sometimes babies who are born with Down syndrome have difficulty eating, for a variety of reasons. Lindie has a few things that cause her to have trouble eating: her heart defect (ASD), GI issues (duodenal atresia at birth) and hypotonia. She had a g-tube placed on April 4th and we've used it everyday since then. At first it was scary and overwhelming to even think about her having a g-tube. Now we're so thankful for it! Because of it Lindie is a happy and healthy (chunky) baby girl. It's (hopefully) not a forever thing, but we'll probably have it for a while. At least until she has enough energy to eat fully on her own.

Today on my Instastory I shared what it looks like to feed Lindie- everything from pumping to bottle feeding to g-tubing. If you missed it there, you can watch it here too!

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Adelaide Dupont said...

It would be good to look at Instastories.

Currently I don't have an Instagram - though several people in my life do.

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