This weekend was seriously amazing. 

We participated in our first ever Buddy Walk with the Down Syndrome Association of Tulsa. I remember when I first heard about the Buddy Walk. It was back when little Lindie was still in the NICU at Saint Francis Children's. Those were dark days. It was shared with me as encouragement, so I held onto it as a symbol of hope- a happier season of sorts. Looking back, I think this is why I put so much effort into making the Buddy Walk weekend an over-the-top exciting time with our family. And, thankfully, they all followed suite and made it an all out party. 

Eliza and I decorated with green (fern), yellow and blue (Down syndrome awareness colors). We ordered the cutest donuts from Livi Lee's and had a crap ton of Starbucks coffee. Our family piled into our home all morning and caravanned to ORU's campus where we met other friends and family. We all matched in our Fern & Friends shirts and were probably the "annoyingly large and overly excited to be there" group. (I've always been one to dive head-first into something I'm passionate about, so dive we did). We proudly made our lap around ORU's campus and cheered while Lindie and the other kiddos got their Buddy Walk medals. 

It was Lindie's day and we wanted to celebrate her well. Even if she's only 7 months old and spent most of the time napping. We had a blast!

Thank you for everyone who participated with us yesterday and for those of you who purchased a shirt in support of #teamfernandfriends!

  Until next year!

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Adelaide Dupont said...

That is *passion*!

Love the fern t-shirts.

And these large and annoying groups - I eventually want to join them.

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