OCTOBER: Down syndrome awareness month

October has always been a special month to me.

October brings the smell of fall and the excitement of pumpkins, handmade costumes and cool nights. October 18th was and always will be my Daddy's birthday. October marks the beginning of the holiday season: the anticipation of Halloween and with the flip of the calendar the preparation for Thanksgiving, which of course leads to Christmas- the best holiday of the year!

But this year October is even more special because it is Down syndrome awareness month.

This October I am planning something very special to honor little Lindie's life and shine a light into the world of Down syndrome, even as I am still learning so much myself. For each day of October I plan to blog. Somedays it will be something short and sweet. Other days it will be rich and meaningful. I hope that you will follow along to see a glimpse into our world as I hope to raise more awareness about Down syndrome!

See you Sunday!

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