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Last week I had a conversation with Eliza that I want to remember forever. It went like this:

Eliza: (sees man on the side of the road with a cane) Is that your Poppie? (Poppie is what we call my Dad who passed away almost two years ago).
Me: No, baby. Poppie is in heaven with Jesus.
Eliza: I want to be in heaven with Jesus.
Me: Well, someday you can be in heaven with Jesus. If you have Jesus in your heart, someday when you die you will get to be with him in heaven.
Eliza: Jesus is in my heart?
Me: Yes, if you want him to be.
Eliza: What is he doing in my heart?
Me: (stumbling over this answer) Well, he helps you to love people even when you don't want to. He helps you to share things, even when you don't want to. He helps you to be kind to your friends, even when you don't want to. Jesus is perfect and he helps us to be more like him.
Eliza: Well, I don't want Jesus to be in my heart, because I want to see his whooooooole body. I want to touch him!
Me: I know baby, that's hard when we really want to see him and can't in person but someday we will get to see him everyday and that will be so great.
Eliza: Okay...

Later we get to the coffee shop we were heading to and Eliza says to her buddies, "Guys, Jesus wants me to share my toys with you!"

Love this girl.

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