June 20, 2017

There are so many things I want to remember right now, to savor:

  • The way Eliza Rosie says people but it sounds like "puckle" and how she calls herself one "puckle" instead of one person
  • The way Lindie Fern grabs things with her hands- little toys above her on the play yard, my face when I'm close enough, her outfit she's wearing
  • Eliza in her ballet dress and ballet slippers walking to her dance class with her Mickey Mouse backpack on. One of those kodak moments that I could keep for a lifetime.
  • Eliza at night time crying in her big girl bed (mostly because she doesn't want to go to bed in her big girl bed and wants to go to bed with me) but also because she wants "Anna and Elsa to be here"
  • Lindie holding up her head and working on her neck skills the week after I became anxious about it and started praying for strength in those muscles (praise you, Jesus)
  • The way Eliza says "I have to go potty" very seriously and all of a sudden and everything just stops (because Daniel Tiger says "stop and go right away")
  • Chris on Father's Day holding those girls in both arms wearing the shirt he has worn every Father's Day since 2014 (his first Father's Day) and still looking so young himself. 
  • Lindie in the morning when she first wakes up and smiles and her smile fills up her whole face and she is so distracted by smiling at me that she has a hard time taking her bottle.
  • Quiet evenings in the front yard drawing pictures of Minnie Mouse and flowers on the driveway, then chasing Eliza Rosie in the grass pretending to be the "bad guy" and getting rose petals thrown at me to keep me at bay
  • Weekend mornings waking up to the daylight streaming in the windows with Lindie girl to the right of me in her little bassinet and Eliza girl in the middle of Chris and I all snuggled up with her bunny and Dada
It's a good, sweet and simple life dear friends. I'm thankful for that.

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