surgery #2: g tube placement

Tomorrow Miss Lindie will be a month old, which means we're nearing a month in the NICU. Basically, the last thing she has to master before her homecoming is successfully feeding either via bottle feeding or breastfeeding. We think she is having such a hard time mastering either of these because of her low muscle tone (a common trait found in kiddos with DS).
After trying and trying feedings with no major change, her doctors have suggested putting in a G tube. This is a more permanent option to the feeding tube that will allow us to continue to attempt to breast/bottle feed while still making sure she's getting fed at home.
Initially we were totally opposed to this option for a number of reasons, but mostly because it's unfamiliar territory.
But we want her home with all of us. We want to ease the strain of being back and forth between home and the hospital, between Eliza and Lindie. And we want what's best for Lindie's health. So we're moving forward with this option.
Lindie's surgery to place the G tube is tomorrow at 7:15am. Please pray for a quick surgery and for a speedy recovery that can lead to a quick homecoming afterward (hopefully early next week). Pray also for us. We're feeling tired and defeated.
We're just ready to love on our little Lindie girl in the comfort of our home.
(📷: Little Lindie Fern on her four week debut and Miss Eliza Rose singing about her sister to the tune of Frozen on the bathroom counter. 🙄😘😘)

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