Lindie Fern: four weeks

Lindie Fern at four weeks old is still hanging in the NICU. At this point she's fully recovered from her surgery for duodenal atresia but still struggling to take a full bottle. Every three hours we give her a bottle and after 30 minutes, whatever she hasn't finished get put through the little tube in her nose all the way to her stomach over a gradual pump. If she has a little left over it takes 15-20 minutes. If she has a lot left over it takes 45 min to an hour. And she's not consistent, so sometimes the feeding process takes a LONG time. (Especially for this mama who is pumping).

Today (on her fourth week of life) her pediatrician in the NICU (who we love) Dr. Malik suggested it may be time to consider getting a gastrostomy tube placed. This would allow for us to continue working on her feeds but from home instead of the darn NICU. It feels like a defeat to us. Not gonna lie. It's a decision we plan to talk over the next day or two, but it's not something we thought we'd be discussing while celebrating four weeks of life with our baby girl.

At four weeks Lindie Fern has accomplished so much. She is such a fighter. She is stronger than all of us and has endured more than any of us. She is so brave. Her favorite things including cuddling with mama and Dada on the olive green chair and a little swing one of the nurses brought her. She's finially starting to gain weight! (Yay)! And has outgrown her premie sleepers. (Yay for newborn size sleepers)!

We are so anxious to get home and are trying oh so hard to be patient and stay on her time frame. We look forward to the days of all the cuddling and are pretty sure nobody else is ever going to hold her because we are going to keep her to ourselves all of her days. (Just kidding. Kinda).

Happy four weeks little Lindie Fern!

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