three weeks in the NICU

 Today marks three weeks since we arrived in the NICU. Here's an update on our girl:
Little Lindie Fern reached her goal today on the volume of milk she's taking in at each feeding (45 mL). Unfortunately, she continues to have a difficult time taking it via the bottle due to various reasons. Over the weekend they put in a feeding tube to help with this. Anything she doesn't take via the bottle in 30 minutes, she takes through the feeding tube. Although she's at her goal, we can't head home until she's taking all of her feedings via bottle. Her doctors have said that some babies flip a switch and start successfully bottle feeding over night, while others can take a month.
We so badly want her to be healthy enough to go home SOON. We know it's a big ask to ask the Lord for this, but we're asking for it.
Please pray for that and for continued endurance for all of us. 💛
*In other news, she's already being super compliant with the headband wearing, because priorities people.* 😜

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