Lindie Fern: two weeks

(Written on 5/17/17 based on journal entries)

At two weeks Lindie Fern is still recovering from surgery. She is still on TPN so not yet eating breastmilk, but we are hopeful that she will get to start eating breastmilk this coming week. She is still attached to her broviac catheter (supplying the TPN) but is off all IVs and the nasal cannula.

She still weighs about 5 pounds, 4 ounces and is wearing premie sleepers these days. But, once she starts getting breastmilk we know she'll start putting on the pounds.

Our favorite thing at two weeks is holding her in the olive green chair! She loves it too. :) We can't wait to be able to hold her at home without all the cords.

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