March 12, 2017

It's been a week now since we met our sweet Lindie Fern and learned of her diagnosis. So much has happened in a week. Our lives feel completely different. In all of it we have been overflowing in thankfulness for our community of people surrounding us. We have had constant support from family. We've had friends deliver meals upon meals and snacks upon snacks. We've had our laundry done, dishes washed, dog walked and pantry restocked. We've had gifts delivered and money donated and kind words sent from all over the country. We have been prayed for and loved on and have felt so extremely supported. Thank you friends and family (and even strangers!) who have reached out. Our desire is that you would keep pressing in- encouraging us, loving on us and praying for our family. We feel it and are so thankful. 💛
Lindie continues to recover well. She's breathing completely on her own and showing signs of healing. Doctors are thinking it will be a week before we start introducing food. One major positive is that we can hold her now! (She's still hooked up to a million cords, but still)! Pray for her continued recovery- that she would not get any infections and that her digestion would begin to function properly. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 💛🌿💛

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