As y'all know, we're expecting BabySwiftlet #2 in March!

With Rosie I looooooved taking photos of my baby bump and sharing them on my blog. I think I always imagined someday she could go back and look at the photos years and years later. (Assuming the internet is still a thing and all that jazz).

All along, it has been my goal to do the same with BabySwiftlet #2, but for so long I was soooooo sick. So much more sick than I think I was with Rosie. (Like seriously for 3-4 weeks this summer I laid on the couch every single day while Rosie watched Frozen like five million times. Don't judge me).

But, ALAS! Last week (at 15 weeks) was my lucky turning point. I am feeling more and more like myself everyday (although steadily gaining more and more weight than my normal self). So, now that I'm feeling better, I want to get to sharing that baby bump- since I still have over half the pregnancy left!

So here's my catch up week of all the photos we took this summer/fall in between feeling super excited and suuuuuper nauseous:
4 weeks
Shades of Brown
Tulsa, OK
 5 weeks
Seaside, FL
 6 weeks
Santa Rosa Beach, FL
 10 weeks
mi casa
 11 weeks
Blue Dome District
Tulsa, OK
 12 weeks
outside Grandma and Grandpa Renfroes'
Springfield, MO
 13 weeks
Nathaniel Green Park
Springfield, MO
16 weeks
Darlington Park
Tulsa, OK

(And just for comparison here's me at 15 weeks with Rosie).

Little factoids about BabySwiftlet #2:
  • We found out we were pregnant on the 4th of July!
  • I'm craving salads, veggie sandwiches, sweet tea and meat. (I ate red meat last week)!!
  • I am not wanting coffee (booooo) but can at least force myself to drink it (for other reasons, see below).
  • I am forcing myself to drink coffee to help with the whole going #2 thing. That's been rough this time around. (Again, don't judge me).
  • I may have felt him/her kick last weekend while driving, but it also could have been gas too because I haven't felt it since. Who knows?!
  • I really am afraid to guess the gender. (We're about 3 weeks away from that)!
  • Rosie is SUPER excited. She's been able to be a part of it from day one, even going to our ultrasounds and seeing the photos of the baby, so it's super fun to have her involved. I can't wait to see her be a big sister.
That's all for now. Happy Hump Day!

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