Family Photos with Tulsa Photographer Cassy Pack

Today I wanted to share our FAMILY PHOTOS, taken by the talented Cassy, of Cassy Pack Photography.

Mr. Christopher and I are no stranger to a good photo-shoot. (I remember at our wedding my Dad commented in his toast that we were the second most photographed couple of all time, second to Brad and Angelina. Uh huh. Now, we knoooow that is not true, buuuuuut we do like a good photo sesh).

Our bud Cassy is so talented and efficient. It took only about 30 minutes for the whole session. She picked the time and place and all we had to do is show up and smile. She even had super creative ideas for getting Miss Rosie to smile, something I struggle with on the regular. So, if you're in or near Tulsa and looking for a photographer, she is definitely your gal!

Happy first day of July, friends! Have a blessed fourth of July weekend!

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