St. Charles Riverfront // Jaycee Stage

When I was a kid my parents to would take us to the Jaycee Stage at the St. Charles Riverfront. We only lived a few blocks away, so it was kind of like going to the park. Sometimes there would be events on stage, but most of the time we went to just dance. Or play tag. Or whatever else kids do.
 On Father's Day I wanted to feel near my Dad. We were already in my hometown for a family wedding, so we took the opportunity to go.
 We didn't dance too long (because that Midwest heat!) but we did enjoy ourselves. I was thankful for time spent at a place that felt like home. And really a place that felt like my Dad.
 P.S. I'm attempting to blog more regularly, a combination of our family life and home decor/DIY. Join me as I do!

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