everything is GREEN

I have been a bit lazy the last week or two with sharing all the cuteness that is happening over here in this crazy life of mine.
 It's been raining A LOT in the beautiful city of Tulsa, so we've been getting a 'lil bit muddy.
We almost ate a grub this week. That was a scary moment.
 But she wasn't scared. Not one bit. To her it just looked like a fruit snack or something.
Everything is so GREEN right now.
 We haven't mowed our yard since we moved in on September 26th, 2015. It's been a while, but surprisingly it hasn't been needed.
 Until this week, that is.
 But man, these Tulsa weeds can grow some pretty cute flowers.
 Just like Mr. Christopher and I grow a pretty cute kid.
 My adventurer.
My discoverer.
 My goofball.
 My sweet baby girl.
(With mud on her shirt, of course).
[Love you forever, Eliza Rose].

And happy Monday to you, friends! 
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