decorating for EASTER

 Normally I don't post on a Saturday, but a few weeks ago we decorated the house together for Easter and I forgot to share until now.

We don't have a ton of Easter decorations (not like Christmas #amirite?) and what we do have is mostly handmade, but The Rose loved putting decorations out. The morning after we decorated she went around pointing to everything.
 A tradition I've started on holidays is putting together a holiday reading basket. This year for Easter we picked out five Easter and/or Spring themed books at the library. Then we hunted around the house for The Rose's Bibles and any books relating to bunnies. I put them all together in my Nana's basket with a few bunnies for fun. The Rose goes to the reading basket almost daily. I love encouraging her to read in this way.

And that's our home for Easter! Happy Easter friends!


Lindsay said...

I love love love that floral pillow!!! And I loved getting a glimps into more of your home :). That basket idea is genius...I might have to steal that!

Unknown said...

Thanks Lindsay! I'll have to show more home pictures!

Drew Watts said...

These Easter decorations are superb! Love everything about it. We had so much fun on Easter this year. My mom hosted a party at event space NYC. The party was truly blasting and all arrangements were top notch.

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