prayers // These days are short.

 These days are short. God, give me a heart that takes them each slowly.
 Help me not to wish away my time, in thinking of the next thing that lies ahead, but help me to embrace the day I am in just as it is.
 Good days or bad. Messy days or clean. Productive days or unproductive. Help me to have a grateful and thankful heart, one that overflows with thankfulness for the life you have given me.
Help me to bear your image.
 Help me to control my anger.
 Help me to encourage her in her understanding of you and be an example of a woman chasing after your heart and living out your commands.
 Thank you Jesus, for this beautiful gift of being her Mama. Let me be in awe of you all of my days.

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babyVivid said...

we should respect every moment we have with our babies

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