our weekend in Branson, MO

This week I re-opened my shop (more details about that below). But in the midst of that fun (and a bit craziness!) I don't want to forget the reason I blog: to capture the moments of our family as we adventure and grow and enjoy this crazy life the good Lord has given.
 This past weekend we enjoyed a weekend to ourselves (just the three of us!) in Branson, MO.
It's funny because in all of my 28 years living in the great state of Missouri, I only ever visited Branson once for a quick weekend in college. But here in Tulsa everyone talks about Branson. Regardless, we lucked out with a couple free nights and took advantage of the opportunity to get away.
 We didn't do anything too outrageous. We shopped a bit. Played a bit. Ate a bit and watched a lot of cartoons in our hotel bed.
 The Rose picked out a few new dresses and a hat and I got one new shirt (cheers to a spring wardrobe around the corner)!
 We ate some yummy ice cream and looked at the fish in Bash Pro (because, really, it wouldn't be a trip to southern MO without going to Bass Pro, amiright?).
 It was fun. Thanks to Mr. Christopher for planning it for us! (xoxo)

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Happy Monday, friends!

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