celebrating Valentine's Day

Last week The Rose went to her first ever Valentine's party, hosted by a friend we met at the Brookside library story-time. (Our Wednesday morning ritual). It was most definitely one of the cutest parties I have ever been to, and this sweet girl had such a fun time!
(btw-notice bunny in the picture... kind of makes me think of Awkward Family Photos)
And because we were going to the party, we (of course!) had to make a Valentine's box. 
(My heart was so happy)! 

I originally had plans to go back to my roots and make a Vday box from tin foil, a Kleenex box and all the glitter, but then I snagged this way easy kit at Target. (Next year will be the one with all the glitter, I suppose).
 Eliza Rose LOVED it.
 Kind of like Honey LOVES ruining pictures, (sigh).

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