the Philbrook // Andy Warhol

 On Saturday we went to the Philbrook. (I shared in the fall about the last time we went). Because the weather was so cold (and snowy!) this time around we stayed indoors and enjoyed the Andy Warhol exhibit. It was super cool and colorful and free! (Can't beat that on your Saturday afternoon)!
 We definitely had to check out the beautiful, snowy grounds but we didn't stay out there too long.
 One of the coolest things about the Philbrooks Second Saturday events is that they have lots of fun activities centered around kiddos. The Rose is a little too young right now to do too much, but each month they give the kiddos that come a new art supply. So by the end of the year ideally each kid could have 12 great art supplies. What a genius and generous idea! This month The Rose got a drawing sketch notebook along with an art box for her to store all her supplies. How fun!

Next month our buddies from CoMo will be in down during Second Saturday, so hopefully they'll want to join us. (HINT, HINT Schulzbots).

Have a great Monday everybody!

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