stitch fix #2

On Saturday I received my second stitch fix, and I am so excited to share with you what they sent me! 

The first (and my most favorite piece) is the Elloise Printed Back Mixed Material Knit Top. I absolutely LOVE this because it is loose and gray and has a beautiful mixed (patterned!) material. (Have I mentioned before how much I LOVE patterns)?

 The second piece is the Willow Draped Cardigan. This was SO warm and comfy!
 This top is the Wynn Front Pocket Blouse. This is something I would never have picked out for myself (pink and purple and plaid design), but I actually really liked it when I tried it on.
 Then look at this adorable necklace! This is called the Shelia Triangle Bar Necklace. So delicate and cute!
 Finally, my girl Molly sent me the Theia Faux Wrap Dress. This gave me hope that SPRING(!) is coming! I loved the floral pattern (something I specifically requested in each of my fixes-floral)!

With my first fix I shared with y'all that I ended up purchasing all the pieces. With this fix I ended up only keeping the first top (first photo above). It was the only one that I absolutely loved and because I'm in a weird in between with seasons (winter being almost over and Spring on the horizon) I didn't want to purchase too many more pieces for my winter wardrobe capsule. 

However, even with only purchasing one piece this time I am reminded of how much I love stitch fix

For one, I love the quality of the pieces. The material always seems thick and high quality and the pieces seem to fit me really well. 

I also feel like my stylist knows me. She picks out pieces that I feel like I would totally pick out to try in a dressing room. There hasn't been a piece yet that I feel like I don't like at all. 

And really one of the biggest reasons I really like Stitch Fix is that someone else can do the work of picking out pieces for me and ship it to me. All I have to do is to try them on. SO NICE. SERIOUSLY. (Esp. now that I have a little one running around making it harder to shop for anything other than groceries and necessities. Am I right or am I right)?

So, like I said before, if its within your means to try out Stitch Fix I HIGHLY recommend it. (The only initial cost is a $20 styling fee, but if you purchase any item it goes toward that purchase).

I will say that the clothes are a little pricer than I would normally spend, but like I shared above it's high quality and they do the work of picking out the pieces so... worth it.

If you're interested in checking out Stitch Fix, go here!
P.S. Big shout out to this beauty for photographing my pieces this weekend! Thanks Anna!

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