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 January is always a good time to simplify. Its a season of newness and freshness and changes. That's why I LOVE taking advantage of this inspirational time and decluttering and re-organizing (or maybe just organizing) my home. 

The first thing I wanted to tackle in this new year was our IKEA bookshelf. We bought this bookshelf almost five years ago when we were living in a small apartment, and I'm going to be completely honest with y'all. I don't really like it anymore. It worked really well for that small apartment because it had a wall that fit it PERFECTLY. But ever since that small apartment, we have not had such luck. 

Even though it doesn't really work with our rental now, I want to make it work as best I can just in case it does end up working some glorious, future date when we purchase our next home. So, I changed a few things up. 

But first of all, here's a photo BEFORE I made any changes:
It kinda had a rainbow color thing going on, kinda didn't. It kinda served as a toy station, but kinda not too. It was in the center of the wall and wasted a bunch of space on either side. It was just an eyesore. It wasn't being utilized to its potential.

So, here's what I did to change it up a bit:
First, I got rid of any books we weren't into. (We easily purged about 25). Second, I moved it over closer to one side of the wall so the other side could be used. I made sure to include a lamp, and I added some cloth storage bins. (By the way the idea to stack the storage bins like this was one I totally stole from my bud Kirstin. She's pure genius)! Then I set a pattern for our books and decorative pieces (rather than being so random). The bottom row is all designated for The Rose's books and toys, while the spaces above are all for our books and toys (aka: art stuff).
I also merged the bookshelf with my "office space" with the bookshelf space, which is actually just an extension of the living room.
 Oh, and I added a banner because... of course!

 And that's that! My first project completed!

I definitely have a few other things in mind, but I need to pace myself. :) More on that later.


By the way, two other things:
ONE: I'm expecting my second stitch fix next week! I'm excited to show you what I get! And if you haven't checked it out yet you definitely should HERE.

TWO: I have a big announcement coming next week. (And it's not that I'm pregnant, because I'm not). I'll give you a hint though. It has to do with AIMEE BEE SHOP! (!!!)

Happy weekend friends!

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