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With the fresh new year upon us (and gaining speed for February!) I thought I would share a few helpful tools that help me to stay organized throughout the year. (And just as a disclaimer, I am about averagely organized. Not unorganized but not super organized, if you know what I mean. I definitely have a Type A personality, but the pendulum swings often and in that category).

A Journal: I love, love, love having a journal. I'm a writer (hence my nine year old blog). I use my journal to pray, to write down scripture, to record quotes from books I want to remember, to make lists that are important, to take notes during sermons, even to write down dreams that I have about my Dad. I use it for all. I recognize that journaling is not for all, but for people like me its perfect.

A Meal Calendar: I actually started using this in September when we moved. For years I just flew by the seat of my pants with cooking. Mr. Christopher and I would run to the grocery store without a list and buy all the regular things and make the same meals each week. This was especially common last year when The Rose was a newbie and we were both working full time. I just didn't prioritize meal planning.

Since we've moved I've taken on the meal planning like a champ. (Not that I have to, but I love to). I have had so much fun experimenting with new meals, and I get a lot of satisfaction out of making something that Mr. Christopher and The Rose love. Since then, I started using this calendar for meals. When I'm working on the week ahead I write down the meal I am making along with all of the food items I will need from the grocery store. Then, when I'm done filling out the week I jot down all those things (plus all of the other regular things-like milk) on a list and my grocery list is ready.

A Birthday Calendar: One of my dear friends introduced me to a birthday calendar. I had no idea they existed beforehand but they are pure genius. It's a calendar that's not dependent on the year, so you can use it year after year to remember all those family birthdays that you otherwise would forget (yes, that's me)!

[P.S. I realized I shared a lot of 1canoe2 goods (and that's because they're super awesome!) and if you sign up on their website they usually will have a couple 50% off sales a year. I always wait until those come around and stock up on things I love.]

I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to hear some of your favorite organizational tools that you use throughout the year, so please share. Printables, apps, calendars- you name it. Share and I might even re-share some of your ideas in a future blog post!

Happy Friday, y'all!

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