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Good morning, friends! Today I have some exciting news about aimee bee shop!
 It's re-opening soon!
 I opened aimee bee shop last February as a way to foster my creative outlet and passion for making beautiful things. And I had a lot of  fun making beautiful jewelry.
 Then, in July of last year I closed my shop when my Dad became ill and we moved to Oklahoma.
 After a six month break, I am happy to be opening up again the first week of February!
 My goal this time with my shop is to (again) pursue my passion for hand-making beautiful things, but also to allow our family to have more savings in this season while I am at home with The Rose. 
 I am changing some things in aimee bee shop and keeping some things the same. You will still be able to purchase my hand-stamped letter necklaces (below), but I will also be offering a newer design of fabric pendant necklaces (with charms too)! I also will be featuring some other creative things for your little ones, but I'll share more on that later!

Stay tuned for more information, but go ahead and start following @aimeebeeshop for a better look at what my shop will offer as well as special coupons and giveaways!
Have a great Monday, y'all!

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