Christmas home tour // guest blogger Kirstin Schulz

Everyone who knows me (especially Aimee!) knows that Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year. I love the specialness of the season, from twinkling lights to Christmas music to decorating our home. Christmas is the ultimate celebration, giving us a chance to celebrate Jesus' birth, the best gift we could ever receive. So of course, with a great celebration comes great decorations!

Every year I change how I decorate for Christmas. Some years I've gone crazy with decorations in literally every room of the house. Other years I've been inspired by new Christmas colors and bought lots of new pieces to add to our Christmas collection. This year I've been craving simplicity and a reminder of what this season is really about. So with that in mind I focused on a few things:

First, I purged my Christmas decorations! I have six boxes of Christmas decorations (did I mention I love Christmas?!) so there was a lot of potential for purging. As I unpacked I immediately set aside anything I wasn't immediately drawn to or wanting to use. Then as I decorated if there were still things that just didn't fit our style or we didn't have room for, I got rid of those too. 

Part of purging this year included getting rid of our other tree and buying a much smaller one. Our new tree is still the same height but about half the diameter which fits our living room much better and doesn't make everything else feel so squished or cluttered.

Second, I wanted to put Jesus on display. I wanted myself and my family to be reminded of why this is the greatest time of year. The top of our piano is my "mantel" so I decided to put our nativity scene (we have the Willow Tree nativity) up there by itself without anything else distracting from it. 

I also wanted to make sure our 15-month-old, Graham, had a space to be reminded of Jesus at Christmas so I kept a side table in our living room that holds his Little People nativity and Christmas books that talk about why Christmas is so special. 

Lastly, I utilized my bookshelf a lot more this year for Christmas decorations. It's a great place to display a lot of things I love, but also helped accomplish the simplicity I was craving by keeping it more contained and off of other surfaces.

I've really enjoyed this simpler approach for our home this Christmas, so much so that I'm not sure I'll be ready to take everything down! Maybe Christmas in the Schulz home will last a little longer this year...

Besides being one of the sweetest women alive, Kirstin spends her days being wife to Andrew and Mama to Graham. She works part-time as a missionary on MIZZOU's campus at The Rock Campus Church. Her super powers are listening, decorating and gift giving. She enjoys a good cup of coffee (with cream, of course), crafting and spending time with her boys.

Love you K!

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