celebrating Christmas // Christmas morning

Christmas morning was precious.

The night before The Rose opened up her Christmas pjs. This was a tradition we started last year (her first Christmas) only to discover that the pjs I had bought her (again last year) were too big (nailed it, mama). So, I say that we started this tradition last year, but really we started it this year. And, hey! They fit this year! I'm improving.

Before she went to bed on Christmas eve we set out two cookies for Santa and two carrots for Rudolph. (Why not all the reindeer, you ask? I'll be honest. I didn't want to give the reindeer my whole bag of baby carrots).

Then we gathered around The Jesus Storybook Bible and read the story of Jesus's birth. She especially loved looking at the pictures of baby Jesus in a manger. (She's really into babies right now) and we thanked our sweet Jesus for coming to earth so many years ago.

She awoke Christmas morning a little after 8:30 am to french toast casserole baking in the oven and Blueberry Coffee brewing in the coffee pot. (It was her Poppie's favorite). She immediately ran to the tree and noticed presents and opened them with her Mama, Daddy, Uncle Jerry and Aunt Taylor.

She loved her doll (made by muah) and her craft table best. She didn't really care about her clothes or books. (In fact she got four books and she only opened two of them. The other two we had to open for her).

Honey was pretty bored entire time until she and The Rose opened stockings and she got a bone.
End of story.

Daddy and Mama also exchanged some pretty amazing gifts but who cares about those, right? (Just kidding, maybe I'll share later).

We had the happiest morning. I hope yours was blessed as well. 

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