a handmade Christmas: hand-painted picture frames

Hello & Happy Friday, friends! We are just three weeks away from Christmas and would you believe it if I told you that I am *almost* done with my Christmas shopping? From here on out we are working on handmade Christmas gifts and decorations. (We, as in me and my little counterpart, Miss Rosie).

Today I wanted to share a handmade gift idea: hand-painted picture frames. It's targeted toward those who have little kiddos, but you could easily do it even if you don't have little kiddos... maybe just change the painting style to be more... adultish. :)

I picked up these photo frames from Walmart for $3, although I'm sure you can also get them at your local craft store, too.
 I painted most of them white, but I left a few with the original wood color, too.
Next I grabbed my paint and brushes and let The Rose go to work.
 Honey, of course, had to be involved.
Just a tip for those of you painting with littles:

First, I shared before about painting with yogurt. If your kiddo is still putting everything in their mouths you may want to hold off on using actual paint and use yogurt. (As long as there are not clumps of it on the frame it should dry fine and not be gross or stinky). For this, however, we used actual paint. I warned The Rose ahead of time not to put it in her mouth (because she does understand most things I'm saying these days). She only tried once and realized it was not tasty and didn't do it again. Make sure, though, that you get non-toxic, washable paint!

I gave Eliza one paint color at a time, and I mimicked brushing with her. If I hadn't done this, each frame would have had only one or two paint spots. I also kept each color in a separate bowl with a separate brush.

It might sound like a no-brainer but make sure to change your clothes and your kiddo's clothes. I put Eliza in a disposable diaper only and gave her a bath right after. Also, I threw down an old sheet to save the floor....... especially because we're in a rental.

And finally, have so much fun! Don't stress over it. It's just for fun! (I have to remind myself these things often).

 And you know what... I think I may be gifting one of these to myself. They're just TOO cute!


What DIY projects are you working on for Christmas? Please share!

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