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This week has been a challenging week for The Rose and me. She's been battling a cold and has been unlike herself. She's been up at night multiple times in the middle of the night almost every night. I've been having weird, hard dreams and so we are both pretty much exhausted by this Friday.

Throughout the week I tried to maintain our normal schedule between her swim lessons two times and week and story time playdates two times a week and grocery shopping and cleaning and preparing meals and all the above. And yesterday I was in the middle of putting up all the dishes when I realized that I needed to take some time to just stop and play.
 It's interesting. You know. I've started writing about creative ways to teach toddlers as I am learning some of them myself and I plan all these things and I schedule out our day to do all these things and I think that all these things are really good (and they are) but I forget that sometimes a girl just needs to play. And sometimes The Rose needs me to play too.
 So yesterday I stopped in the middle of loading the dishwasher and sat on my dirty kitchen floor and just played. I didn't look at my phone. I didn't get a book. I didn't clean a thing. I just played with my girl and let her lead in the play. 

And you know what she really wanted to do? She wanted to pretend to put things in the toaster (yes, unplugged you worrying mamas). And that's what we did. Would I have planned ahead of time to pretend to put things in the toaster and pop them in and out for five minutes straight. Um, no. But she wanted to and she had lots of fun and she learned about a toaster. (I think).
So, mamas, in all your busyness and goodness you're doing for your kiddos today, don't forget to play!

And yes, I wiped her snot nose shortly after taking these photos.

Also, my sweet friend Kirstin shared this beautifully written (and freeing!) blog post with me today. It is so good and worth a read!

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